Monday 15 May 2023

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
IPE Quest Asset Allocation Roundtable (for asset owners by invitation only)

The IPE Quest Roundtable creates an informal environment where investors can share investment strategy experiences and best practice with peers. We aim to bring together around 25-30 investors to keep the discussion as productive as possible and the meeting is held under the Chatham House Rule.


How to attend
Please contact Jayna Vishram at to register. For further details regarding travel and accommodation information, please contact Jucelia Pilatti at

Finding value in the next market phase 

Presentation by Patrizia
Real estate markets have entered a fundamental repricing phase. Numerous geopolitical, capital market and regulatory factors are colluding and leading to higher uncertainty impacting the real estate values. A significant proportion of owners are faced with both a debt and decarbonisation funding gap. This has led to a hiatus in investment activity 2023-2024 feel like great vintage years for experienced value investors that offer to replace leverage beta with real active alpha strategies. What investment philosophy is best placed to create real alpha in this volatile and inflationary market phase?

Investor engagement in ESG
The Global Real Estate Engagement Network (GREEN) was established two years ago to help institutional investors pool their resources to accelerate the sustainability agenda in the property sector. The initiative has now published its first research into ESG engagement.

Is real estate cheap enough right now?
By applying regression analysis to key factors – such as price to trend, spreads to risk free rates and growth expectations – can investors ascertain whether the recent correction in pricing has gone far enough to begin deploying capital again?

Tuesday 16 May 2023

8:30 AM
Registration and coffee
9:20 AM
Keep Calm and Invest On

Despite the notable bank failures in the US and the EU, is it possible that we are experiencing a ‘soft landing’? How does the current investment opportunity in the EU compare to the US?  This discussion will include impressions from across the pond, exploring demand-based strategies that should endure and outperform over the next five to ten years. . 

9:35 AM
End of an Era: Investing amid high Inflation and rates
Keynote presentation followed by a panel discussion

What does the end of the ‘lower for longer’ decade mean for real estate? Which strategies can battle inflation? Which areas of the market are most vulnerable?

10:55 AM
Networking coffee break
11:15 AM
China risks: Myths and reality

Covering off the main drivers behind China’s domestic policy and broader policy priorities, the UK’s former ambassador to China will place a special focus on ideas commonly misunderstood by the West.  He will also discuss the geopolitical risk elements at play regarding China’s relationship with the US, and fears it is veering off the rails, as well as the idea that China is being pulled in more deeply to support Russia in Ukraine and its potential conflicts over Taiwan.

11:35 AM
Stay on target: Can investors get to net zero?
Keynote presentation followed by a panel discussion

The decarbonisation of real estate portfolios is a difficult challenge, and the growing energy crisis has the potential to make it even harder. Do investors have the necessary data and tools to reach their objectives?

12:30 PM
1:30 PM
Climate Change: The impact on global cities
Keynote presentation followed by a panel discussion

The dangerous effect of climate risk is visible today. How will institutional portfolios change in the coming 10 years as floods, fires and urban heat increases?

2:25 PM

'How to face the future following disruption' - the culture of sustainability, if properly integrated into the corporate organisation, will play a key role in supporting the next regeneration projects.

2:45 PM
Home Run: Where next for residential markets?
4:05 PM
Networking coffee break
4:25 PM
Bridging asset classes: Aligning real estate and infrastructure
Keynote presentation followed by a panel discussion

Infrastructure, land use and real estate development are intrinsically linked. Their interrelated nature has the power to support forward-looking investment to create more equitable, resilient, and healthy outcomes that build long-term value. Yet the convergence between real estate and infrastructure means they have never been in a stronger position to measure, meet and plan for these challenges. 

5:20 PM
Closing keynote - Anticipating and adapting: Preparing for climate-based migration

With every degree of temperature rise, one billion people will be displaced from their homes. While migration is often seen as a problem, it’s actually a critically-important solution for humanity as we navigate the climate crisis, requiring the right blend of social, economic and physical infrastructure. How does this work, and what may it mean for the future built environment?

6:30 PM
IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2023 Drinks Reception
7:30 PM
IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2023 Dinner & Ceremony

Join us as we reveal the winners and highly commended investors of the IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2023

Superstudio Più | Via Tortona 27, 20144 - Milan