Programme 2021

Wednesday, September 15, 2021
4:00 PM
IPE Quest Asset Allocation Roundtable (invitation only)

Inflation: What it means for real estate
The prospect of inflation is back on the horizon. What does this mean for real estate? Is it an effective hedge?

ESG: Investor engagement in real estate

How can pension funds and other asset owners work together to accelerate sustainability in the real estate sector and reduce their exposure to climate-change risks? Learn about the Global Real Estate Engagement Network (GREEN), a new initiative supported by several Dutch pension funds

Future-proofing real estate portfolios
COVID-19 is accelerating key megatrends affecting real estate. How can investors ensure their portfolios are future-proofed to withstand the disruption affecting traditional retail and office property and to take advantage of the rise in alternative sectors and the shift towards greater operational complexity?

Investor Insight - Danish Pensions and Alternatives
How might the Danish pension fund industry evolve and consolidate in the future, and what this would mean for their investments in real estate and alternatives?

Attendance is subject to approval. Please contact Jayna Vishram at to register. For further details or for travel and accommodation information, please contact Judith Langford at

Thursday, September 16, 2021
8:30 AM
Registration and Coffee
9:15 AM
9:20 AM
Chairman’s Introduction
9:25 AM
Opening Address
9:55 AM

Adapting to a Post-Pandemic World

10:35 AM
10:50 AM
The Future of Cities

How will urban centres be reshaped post-COVID-19, and what does this mean for urbanisation, offices and housing, and the 21st century mantra of live, work, play?

11:05 AM
The Future of Cities
Panel discussion
11:50 AM
Capitalising on Demographics
12:05 PM

Are habits costing our industry? Thinking spaces forward: How diversity and inclusion are tomorrow’s blueprint for our communities, companies and buildings.

12:20 PM
1:20 PM
The Future of Portfolio Allocation

Will logistics and living sectors take over from office and retail as the bedrock of core institutional allocations?

1:35 PM
The Future of Portfolio Allocation
Panel discussion
2:25 PM
Investor Interview
Investor interview
2:45 PM
3:00 PM
Carbon Net Zero

Can real estate investors help meet the Paris Agreement goals?

3:15 PM
Carbon Net Zero
Panel discussion
4:05 PM
Healthcare and Life Sciences

Are these two emerging sectors now set to become a bigger part of institutional portfolios?

4:20 PM
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Panel discussion
5:05 PM
Keynote: Technology & Innovation: Real Estate’s Continuing Transformation
Keynote address

Real estate is undergoing fundamental change, with the impact of technology and innovation being felt in all areas of the industry. This session explores the major trends that are expected to re-shape how we develop, trade and operate commercial real estate for many years to come.

5:45 PM
Chairman’s Closing Remarks
6:30 PM
Drinks Reception
7:30 PM
IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2021 Ceremony and Dinner

The winners and highly commended of this year's IPE Real Estate Global Awards will be announced during dinner.

8:30 PM
Silver Regional and Themed Awards Pt 1

Join us as we reveal the first of our silver regional and themed awards in this order:

  • Direct Strategy
  • Austria, Germany & Switzerland
  • Investment in North America
  • Alternatives Strategy
  • UK & Ireland
  • Newcomer
  • Investment in Emerging Markets
  • Nordic Countries
  • Asia Pacific
  • Sustainable Strategy
  • Indirect Strategy
9:30 PM
Silver Regional and Themed Awards Pt 2

Join us as we reveal the remainder of our silver regional and themed awards in this order.

  • Listed Strategy
  • Investment in Europe
  • Belgium & France
  • Core & Core-plus Strategies
  • Portfolio Construction
  • North America
  • Debt Strategy
  • Other Countries & Regions
  • Opportunistic Strategy
  • Netherlands
  • Value-added Strategy
  • Investment in Asia Pacific
10:20 PM
The Gold and Platinum Awards

Join us for the climax of the IPE Real Estate Global Awards 2021 when we reveal the winners of the gold and platinum awards in this order:


  • Investment Consultancy of the Year
  • Small Real Estate Investor of the Year
  • Medium Real Estate Investor of the Year
  • Large Real Estate Investor of the Year


  • Real Assets & Infrastructure Investor of the Year
  • Commitment to Diversity NEW
  • Outstanding Industry Contribution
  • Global Real Estate Investor of the Year
Friday, September 17, 2021
8:00 AM - 10:15 AM
NREP Breakfast Tour

Upcycling and circular construction in practice
Join NREP's breakfast and property tour of pioneering Copenhagen projects


  • Upcycling and circular construction in practice
  • Join NREP's breakfast and property tour of pioneering Copenhagen projects

Please note that this tour is now full. To learn more, please contact Frida Dahlberg at

Embodied carbon makes up the majority of the full life-cycle carbon footprint of new buildings in the Nordics. Upcycling - turning waste of today into buildings for the future - is one of the solutions that the industry will need to progress and scale.

Visit the Copenhagen urban area ‘Ørestaden’, where new housing projects provide hands-on learnings from pragmatic solutions to reuse windows, wood, concrete, bricks and steel in ways that can move the needle. For example, the development ‘Upcycle Studios’ consists 69% of upcycled waste materials.

In connection with the IPE Real Estate & Global Conference & Awards 2021 programme, NREP welcomes delegates to attend its breakfast and then experience real-life projects pioneering new ways to lower our industry’s footprint.

Joining NREP's Breakfast and Tour

Please register for the IPE Real Estate & Global Conference & Awards 2021 event by clicking here. The IPE Real Estate Global Conference & Awards 2021 will give you the option to sign up for the NREP Breakfast and Tour

Tour of Ørestad’s Sustainable Urban Area

See Upcycle Studios and Resource Rows

When: Friday 17 September, 08:00-10:45
Where: Breakfast and property tour departure from Villa Copenhagen (same venue as the conference)

The tour will be guided by Lendager and NREP representatives, including former Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and CEO of City & Port, Jens Kramer Mikkelsen, who is now Director of Urban Development at NREP, one of the partners behind the three projects. Jens Kramer Mikkelsen will also be one of the speakers during the conference on Thursday, talking about “Impact Through Urban Transformation and Regeneration”.

After the tour, buses take participants back to the hotel or airport.


08:00-08:45 Brief breakfast at hotel Villa Copenhagen with background presentation on the challenges and potential of upcycling and circular building construction in practice

08:50 Boarding busses outside hotel

09:00-10:15 Property tour to Upcycle Studios, Resource Rows and UN 17 village (located close to the airport)

10:15 One bus going to the airport and one bus going back to the hotel