Comprising chiefly investment consultants, academics and former pension fund executives, the IPE Real Estate Global Awards judges are specifically chosen according to their region and/or area of expertise. In 2017, 38 judges reviewed a record number of entries, contributing invaluably to the annual benchmark the IPE Real Estate Global Awards produce for institutional real estate investors.

The judging runs from early March to mid-April and is a two-stage process. 

The first stage involves the judges reading the entries in the categories they are reviewing online and then marking them
according to a six-band 20 point matrix to measure the candidates against their peers nationally, regionally and globally. `
For the second phase, we invite the judges in each panel to take part in a 30 minute (maximum) conference call
to ensure we have the correct winner. This is especially relevant to any categories where the result is tight.
If we have a clear winner after the first round of judging, we will ask the judges by email
whether they are happy with the result as it stands and, if so, not hold a debate.

Judges 2019

If you would like to learn more about the judging process or be considered as a judge, please contact: 

Robert Melia Watson
Head of Awards Management
+44 (0)20 3465 9327