The IPE Real Estate Global Awards comprise four levels of awards; platinum, gold, silver regional and silver themed.

All entrants must enter their silver regional category and then they may enter as many of the silver themed awards as they choose. For the gold level Best Investment Consultancy, candidates must prepare an entry in the same way. ​

For the gold awards for Small, Medium and Large Institutional Investor, and platinum Global Real Estate Investor of the Year, IPE Real Estate will form short-lists based on the size and global reach of each entrant in the silver regional awards and the best performing candidates from the silver themed awards. You do not prepare separate entries for these categories. 

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Categories and category names are subject to change


Global Real Estate Investor of the Year
Outstanding Industry Contribution
Real Assets & Infrastructure Investor of the Year


Investment Consultancy of the Year
Small Real Estate Investor of the Year
Medium Real Estate Investor of the Year
Large Real Estate Investor of the Year

Silver regional

Asia Pacific
Austria, Germany & Switzerland
Belgium & France    
Nordic Countries
North America
Other Countries & Regions    
UK & Ireland 

Silver themed

Alternatives Strategy 
Core and Core-plus Strategies
Debt Strategy
Direct Strategy
Indirect Strategy
Investment in Asia Pacific 
Investment in Latin America
Listed Strategy
Opportunistic Strategy
Portfolio Construction
Sustainable Strategy
Value-added Strategy
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