Zurich - Wednesday 26 September

Zurich Marriott Hotel
Neumühlequai 42
CH-8006 Zurich
Breakfast & Networking
Introduction & Overview
Frank Schnattinger, Chefredakteur, IPE Institutional Investment
Climate Change: The Impact on Real Estate Investment
Despite the continuing denial of climate change in certain areas, the physical effects of it are being felt across the world and there is momentum in the global efforts to tackle it. This presentation examines the relationship between the changing climate and real estate and what can be done to manage the risks.
  • How buildings affect climate change and climate change affects buildings
  • How is the real estate investment market approaching climate change?
  • Risks and opportunities: LaSalle’s approach to managing climate change
Integrating ESG into Fixed Income
In this presentation, Cameron Hume will demonstrate the application of ESG to fixed income drawing on aspects of portfolio construction and security selection. What are ESG factors and are they reflected in bond prices?  
  • aggregate pricing
  • issuer selection
  • specific examples
Coffee & Networking
A Concrete Case: Green Metals: the Opportunities of the Energy Transition
The transport sector - a major consumer of metals such as nickel, copper or cobalt – is alone responsible for more than a quarter of the world's CO2 emissions. Together with the power generation sector, the transport sector will have the greatest impact in further CO2 emission reductions. There are three major ways it can achieve this: by reducing the weight of cars, electrifying transport, and storing electricity. In this presentation, Candriam looks at the often-overlooked major role that metals play in energy transition and to help you forge your convictions and take informed investment decisions, it will consider:
  • The mining sector: between controversy and necessity;
  • Copper, cobalt, and aluminium: of which metal will the energy transition medals be made?
  • Demand versus resources: potential pitfalls;
  • Key companies in the "Green metals war".
A Rules-based Approach to Integrating Climate Risk
As the need intensifies for the world to transition to a low-carbon economy, UBS will use this session to consider ways in which aligning to the 2° global warming scenario can provide investors with opportunities. In particular, it will explore the benefits of adopting a low cost, rules-based approach to integrating climate risk, with a focus on:
  • Incorporating a forward looking approach aligned to carbon reduction targets
  • The use of qualitative and quantitative factors to tilt exposures towards those companies more likely to follow the 2o reduction scenario and away from those likely to track the 6° scenario
  • The role of an active engagement and proxy voting policy to drive positive climate change action.
Discussion Panel / Roundtable