The Concept

The IPE Breakfast Seminar Series provide pension funds and similar institutional investors with insight, valuable advice and inspiration, as well as a forum for discussion of the latest issues. Visiting major cities across Europe, each seminar runs from 8.00 to 12.00 and features a selection of presentations and debates from leading industry speakers and service providers over breakfast and coffee.

Who can attend

As small closed events that are only open to pension funds and other institutional investors invited by IPE, the IPE Breakfast Seminars have limited availability. We recommend you register early to secure your place, subject to approval, at one or more breakfasts.

Why attend

The IPE Breakfast Seminars are targeted, niche events with specific content that cuts to the core of the topic under discussion.
The 2018 Series currently comprises two sets of events:
Factor Investing and Emerging Markets

Factor Investing - The Next Chapter 
12 April - 04 May

Emerging Markets - New Perspectives 
03 May - 28 June

Factor investing suggests there is a handful of persistent characteristics that explain much of the return of publicly-traded securities. But pragmatic smart beta advocates have long warned that poorly implemented and monitored factors can go unrewarded for decades. 
Investors seek higher yields and an illiquidity premium in a range of assets, not least emerging market equity and debt. Despite an economic slowdown over the last decade emerging economies still enjoy substantially more growth than the developed world,

The Cities

(Please note that not all cities may feature in each series)









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