Paris, Wednesday 12 September, Hotel Plaza Athenée

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Hotel Plaza Athenée
25 Avenue Montaigne
F-75008 Paris
Breakfast & Networking
Introduction & Overview
Gilles Pouzin, Freelance Journalist, IPE
Energy: The Future is Now - (When) Can Transition Turn Into Disruption?
  • Energy transition drivers and disruption in the energy markets: assessing new technologies and the acceleration of energy savings   
  • Energy 2020: how will markets look and what are the consequences for investors?
  • Investments in new sustainable technologies: examining the next generation of high-efficiency renewable energy
Navigating ESG in Fuzzy India
In a developing country like India, there is comfort knowing there exists large entities you can invest in or fund projects for. But the question remains how these came to grow so large. In the robber baron days of the 1900s in the US, people did not ask, but applying ESG principles today raises many issues, not least:
  • How reliable are databases from ESG service providers?
  • What should keep investors awake at night?
  • How should you navigate between the opportunity and the hidden risk?
Coffee & Networking
Impact Investing and Social Infrastructure in Europe
According to the European Investment Bank there’s an annual investment gap of €150bn for social infrastructures in Europe. Franklin Templeton views social infrastructure as the real estate assets that accommodate and facilitate social services that foster strong communities, such as:
  • Healthcare and education facilities;
  • Social housing;
  • Buildings related to justice and civic services. 
This presentation shows how a social infrastructure strategy offers the opportunity to pursue a dual objective:
  • Generate financial returns;
  • Have a positive social and environmental impact in the community.
Discussion Panel / Roundtable