Welcome to the Breakfast Seminar Series 2017
Real Assets & Infrastructure Investment Strategies: Setting the Scene

Investors want protection from market volatility and future inflation, and are striving for new sources of secure income amid low interest rates.
Real assets fit the bill.

The Concept

The IPE Breakfast Seminar Series provide pension funds and similar institutional investors with insight, valuable advice and inspiration, as well as a forum for discussion of the latest issues. Visiting major cities across Europe, each seminar runs from 8.00 to 12.00 and features a selection of presentations and debates from leading industry speakers and service providers over breakfast and coffee.
Real Assets and Infrastructure Investment Strategies 12-14 September 2017
Capital has shifted and we are seeing portfolios rebalance in favour of asset classes such as real estate and infrastructure. This shift is spawning innovations in asset allocation, new thinking in index construction and a reorganisation of investment resources to capture opportunities that fall outside traditional investment channels.
This Breakfast Series will offer an insight into the changes and opportunities in real assets.

The Cities


Tuesday 12 September
D'Angleterre hotel


Wednesday 13 September
Andaz hotel


Thursday 14 September
Bayerischer Hof