Credit & Alternative Credit
Zurich, Thursday 19 September 2019


8:00 AM
8:30 AM
8:35 AM
In a buoyant market for private debt, Hermes Investment Management will be discussing how investors should think about allocating to direct lending strategies to deliver optimal risk adjusted returns in the current environment.
8:55 AM
  • How to find liquidity in distressed debt investing
  • What are the fundamentals of the European distressed market?
  • How can a short portfolio be implemented?
  • Reviewing case study examples
9:15 AM
9:30 AM
  • How to navigate among the increasingly complex technological innovations impacting business models in lending
  • Which trends have the largest influence on business models of banks (players in financial services) in practice and why?
  • What are the factors that will determine who will be gaining market share among participants? Can we predict winners and losers? Which are the new business models that are successful in gaining market share and why?
9:50 AM
With European corporate default rates at (or close to) all-time lows and the ECB expected to embark on another round of QE, this presentation will:
  • Examine current market dynamics in the sub-investment grade space and the inter-play of technicals and fundamentals 
  • Assess the importance of credit selection across market cycles and in different economic conditions
  • Compare relative value opportunities across high yield bonds and leveraged loans
  • Explore how flexible mandates can capture superior risk-adjusted returns in a portfolio
  • Evaluate the resources required to build and manage high yield bond and leveraged loan portfolio
10:10 AM
With a late credit cycle looming and trickier market conditions ahead what should European investors be thinking. This may not be the time to over-stretch for yield, as a portfolio of well managed corporate bonds can deliver solid risk-adjusted returns. ESG analysis when embedded in the credit research process can aid quality security selection over the long term.
10:30 AM
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