Credit & Alternative Credit

Building Successful Credit and Private Debt Strategies

The combination of headwinds in traditional fixed income, increasing volatility in equities and the continued retreat of regulated banks from some lending activities, has led to greater opportunities for new investors in alternative credit and private debt markets.
As the asset class has seen rapid growth and offers a wealth of benefits including, attractive risk-adjusted returns, diversification, downside protection, shorter duration and higher cash yield, appetite from institutional investors continues to grow.
At the same time concerns about the increased complexity, breadth and impact of the mature economic cycle
raises important questions for asset owners looking to allocate or increase allocations here.
IPE’s Credit and Alternative Credit Seminar Series is for these investors and focuses on building successful credit and private debt strategies including direct lending, high yield bonds and leveraged loans. Join the seminars to:
  • Explore what is new in the credit universe, how market dynamics are changing and where new opportunities lie
  • Compare the relative value across traditional and alternative loans and bonds and how to combine them in a portfolio
  • Navigate how different credit strategies can offer value throughout the market cycle and in different economic conditions
  • Assess the impact of a competitive market and what this means for direct lending value
  • Understand the implications of the record rise in issuance of leveraged loans
  • Examine the complexity and idiosyncrasy up and down the capital structure and across this broad asset class
  • Understand the protections available for investors and the impact of the rise of ‘cov-lite’ loans
  • Assess how to balance liquidity limitations with your own time horizons and achieve the illiquidity premium
  • Evaluate the resources required to build and monitor a private debt portfolio and effectively engage in manager selection
  • Consider how different credit and private debt strategies will sit with the rest of your portfolio and how to avoid duplicating risk


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