The IPE Real Estate Global Awards seek to reward excellence and innovation in institutional real estate investment, thereby creating a meaningful annual benchmark that allows institutional real estate investors to measure their real estate portfolios against their peers at national, regional and global levels as well as against institutions of a similar size, remit and resource.
The typical review period covers 12-18 months but we do recognise that real estate developments often take longer to show results. We would therefore actively encourage entrants to prepare submissions based on longer term projects, so long as they can give an updated account in any given year they enter.
Deadline for entries: Friday, March 22, 2024

Why enter

  • With more than 30 categories covering regions and investment activities, the IPE Real Estate Global Awards provide an opportunity to recognise the hard work, innovation, commitment and strategy behind your real estate investments.
  • The IPE Real Estate Global Awards provide a unique opportunity to benchmark your organisation's real estate portfolios' performance.
  • Over the past 20 years the event has grown to become the premier event of its class.

Who can enter

  • Pension funds
  • Group retirement savings plans
  • Life insurance companies
  • Insurance groups running property portfolios for group companies only
  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Pensions or institutionally-owned asset management companies that invest on behalf of their stakeholders only with no third party interests
  • Investment consultants
The IPE Real Estate Global Awards are not open to asset or investment managers or property developers. Moreover, the IPE Real Estate Global Awards cannot and does not accept entries from pensions-owned investment vehicles or funds. In addition, the IPE Real Estate Global Awards reserves the right to restrict entries from pension-owned asset managers to themed awards only in support of specific areas of the investment strategy they pursue for the pension fund that owns them.

How the IPE Real Estate Global Awards work

The IPE Real Estate Global Awards are arranged on four levels:

  • Platinum awards
  • Gold awards
  • Silver regional awards
  • Silver themed awards
Each entrant must enter their respective country or regional award and may then enter as many of the themed awards as they like,
For the gold Large, Medium and Small and platinum Global Real Estate Investor of the Year awards, IPE Real Assets builds the categories based on their real estate assets under management and global reach. You do not prepare entries for these categories


IPE Real Estate Global Awards now accepts nominations.  Entrants can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Nominations are treated confidentially. If approved, IPE Real Assets will prepare the entries. You will find the nomination form at the bottom of this page. 

Our pledge to you

Entering the IPE Real Estate Global Awards is completely confidential and free of charge. We will not forward, share or use any part of any entry unless it wins. We only reveal the names of the winners and short-lists on the night of the awards. Finally, we reserve the right to use winning entries to form an article in the winners supplement that is made available after the Awards Dinner and Ceremony and then distributed with the subsequent issue of IPE Real Assets. 
You may submit the same entry and/or additional entries for the country/regional Awards and/or the themed Awards, provided it is relevant. If you do submit the same entry for your country/region and different themes, it will be judged independently by the relevant judging panels.

The entry form

We use a streamlined but sophisticated online entry system that is divided into five parts.
  1. The first is simply for the category and name of the entrant.
  2. The second collects fundamental data such as the size of your assets, performance figures and fund structure.
  3. The third is a short text based area known as the Overview and Investment Strategy. This is a 450-500 optimum word count text area that asks you to provide a detailed summary of your fund's history, overall objectives and investment strategy. This is a mandatory response to provide the judges with key information about your pension fund or similar institution. Bullet points are acceptable but please ensure they contain enough information to give the judges a solid understanding of your organisation.
  4. The fourth part is a longer text based area with an optimum range of 900-1,000 words for your country/regional entry and any themed awards you wish to take part in.
  5. The fifth is to upload your logo and any other supporting attachments such as graphs and performance tables.
Once the entries are submitted, we invite the judges to review them using the same online system. This involves a 20-point score matrix and follow-up debates, if need be, to declare the winner in each category.

For further information and guidance, please contact:
Alice O'Brien
Awards & Events Manager
+44 (0)7827 157336