Welcome to the IPE Equities Conference 2018
Pensions and Equities: Strategy, Practice & Future Vision
London Stock Exchange, 27 June

IPE’s first equities focused conference targets an audience of senior investment leaders at pension plans in Europe and beyond.
Even if demographics and regulation have required pension investors to dial back on their equity exposures overall,
this core asset class remains a key return driver and source of diversification for funds and their beneficiaries.

As well as rethinking the balance of equities in their portfolio overall, pension investors have also been retooling the shape of that exposure, rightly questioning the role of traditional active, quant, smart beta and passive strategies and how to combine them optimally.

Our conference will skillfully draw together the complex strands of these closely interrelated topics, with top-class international speakers. As well as a day of interactive discussions and debates in London Stock Exchange’s state-of-the art conference suite, our event will also offer unparallelled networking opportunities and kicks off with a dinner exclusively for pension funds and speakers.
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