IPE Iceland 2023

IPE returns to Reykjavik on 4 October for the 5th edition of its annual IPE Iceland programme. This year, the international roster of speakers will discuss topics including:

  • the global macroeconomic picture
  • the implications of Iceland’s inclusion in investment indices
  • understanding investment fees and value for money in different asset classes
  • ETF strategies for pensions
  • the future of Iceland’s pensions pillars

Previous investor delegates

Almenni Pension Fund
Arion Bank
Birta Pension Fund
Bru Pension Fund
Central Bank Iceland
Festa Pension Fund
Frjálsi Pension Fund
Gildi Pension Fund
Icelandic Pension Funds Association

Islenski Pension Fund
Lifeyrissjodur Verzlunarmanna
Lifsverk Pension Fund
LSR Pension Fund
LV - The Pension Fund of Commerce
SL Lifeyrissjodur
Stapi Pension Fund

About IPE Iceland

IPE Iceland 2023 is dedicated to senior Icelandic pension fund investors. Informative, Iceland-specific and free to attend for qualified pension funds, this unique one-day forum brings together Iceland’s investment decision makers with asset manager specialists, European pension fund peers, chief economists and key local stakeholders.

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