IPE Summer Pensions Congress 2021

Post-COVID: Adaptation, Innovation, Navigation

A Virtual Event | Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - Sunday, July 25, 2021

The IPE Summer Pensions Congress 2021 brings together leaders from pension funds across Europe to examine and discuss trends in asset allocation strategy, private market asset classes, ESG investing and pensions technology. The two-day virtual conference will feature insight from investment and pensions leaders, keynote speakers, regulatory experts and technology thought leaders.

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Agenda 2021 | Key topics

Investment leaders forum
CIOs reveal how they are navigating the post-covid world as they strive to defend, diversify and drive growth in portfolios

Private markets fireside social
What is driving risks and opportunities in private debt, private equity and infrastructure?

The rise of the ‘S’ factor keynote
The neglected middle child of E,S, and G is coming into its own - what does this mean for the role of investors?

Investment strategy gyms
An opportunity to stretch and strengthen your ESG, asset allocation and private markets muscles - leading investment specialists share the latest research, insights and analyses

Pension leaders - in the boardroom
Hear how top pension executives plan to build resilience to uncertainty, adapt to changing members’ needs and navigate uncertainty and opportunities

Social bonds: The future?
Assess where can social bonds add value and what evolutions in pricing, projects, monitoring and credit risk of social bonds means for stakeholders

key Speakers

Gabriella Kindert
Board Member, Mizuho

Anatole Kaletsky
Founder and co-Chairman, Gavekal

Christian Böhm

Gabriella Kindert
Anatole Kaletsky - Founder and co-Chairman, Gavekal
Christian Böhm - CEO, APK