Pension education with perspective
SPO’s mantra is pension education with perspective. This perspective is multi-faceted, seeking the input of employers, boards, supervisors, administrative services, asset managers, consultants and, last but not least, the participants, the end-users and object of this proposition.
A mix of teaching materials and technology makes SPO's training courses more efficient and effective for course participants, clients and tutors. The SPO programme is:
  • The courses build on existing knowledge, both by using recognisable, current practical examples and by involving the students' own work practice in the study programs. Theory is linked to practical case studies, so that the knowledge gained can be applied directly to the workplace.
  • Interactive. Knowledge only really sticks when it is created through collaboration and in interaction with other students, tutors and content experts from SPO.
  • Assessment-based. Assessment forms an integral part of SPO training courses. The learning objectives of the courses are in line with the professional profiles in the pension sector. SPO's guarantee this with independent examinations and other instruments to test knowledge and practical competence.
  • Flexible and accommodating. Since not everyone learns in the same way, SPO provides a varied learning environment. With sensory-rich work forms, the use of multiple learning places and looking through someone else's eyes, SPO responds to this diversity.
The SPO IPE Training Course for Asset Managers is split into five modules

ONLINE DAY 1: MONDAY 7 JUNE, 15.00-17.00/17.40

Welcome/ Introduction and information about the Zoom platform (15 min)
Moderator SPO

Welcome/ Introduction (20-30 min)
Peter Kraneveld

Module A – Introduction to the Dutch pension fund sector (30-45 min)

  • The Dutch pensions landscape
  • Types of pension funds
  • Legislation (contract, pension law and tax)
  • Governance of pension funds
  • Challenges for Dutch pension funds

Break (10 min)

Continue Module A (45 min)
Tutor: Raimond Schikhof

ONLINE DAY 2: FRIDAY 11 JUNE, 15.00-17:25

Module B – Regulatory framework of pension funds and asset managers (1 hour plus group work, 15:00 – 16:00)

  • Transparency requirements
  • New required solvency (VEV) and solvency requirements.
  • FTK: Financial Assessment Framework (FTK) and risk framework of Dutch Central Bank
  • Prudent person requirements
  • Outsourcing
  • Reporting requirements
  • Accounting rules
  • Valuation of liabilities
  • Netherlands Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and communication, covering: Pension fund costs & Communication with members
  • Ethical requirements for trustees and asset managers.
  • Typical portfolios, investment management and investment policy
  • Risk management
  • ESG, SRI and SDG policies

Tutor: Rik Albrecht

Explanation for asset manager business case (15 min)
Tutor: Rik Albrecht

Break (10 min)

Module C – Trends and developments (1 hour, 16:25 – 17:25)

  • Current challenges
  • Coverage ratio
  • Demographic pressure
  • Support for the system
  • Longevity
  • Cost reduction

Tutor: Leon Mooijman


Continuation of module B (Approx. 2 hours) 
Working on the business case study in groups
Individual group work (online)

Continuation of module B

  • Presentation & feedback business case group 1 (30 min)
  • Presentation & feedback business case group 2 (30 min)
  • Presentation & feedback business case group 3 (30 min)
  • Presentation & feedback business case group 4 (30 min)

Tutor: Rik Albrecht

ONLINE DAY 4: WEDNESDAY 16 JUNE, 15.00-16.45

Module D – Establishing a relationship (1 hour 45 min)

  • Culture and approaches: what makes the Dutch tick?
  • Internal points of entry
  • External points of entry
  • Risks
  • Fees, costs and supervision
  • Understanding the client

Tutor: Peter Kraneveld

ONLINE DAY 5: FRIDAY 18 JUNE, 15.00-17:00

Module E – Simulation and roleplay: theory and practice come together (1 hour 30 min)
What's on a pension fund trustee’s mind?
Tutor: Peter Kraneveld

Wrap up and lessons learned (30 min)
Peter Kraneveld