Honorary Commendations 2017

Allan Johnston

Allan Johnston joined the British Steel Pension Scheme trustee board in 1994 and has served as its chairman since 1997. During 2016 and 2017 he was instrumental in designing a new pensions arrangement at the fund to coincide with corporate restructuring at its sponsor, Tata Steel by working closely with the UK government, pensions regulator, the UK’s lifeboat scheme, the Pension Protection Fund, trades unions, scheme members and its advisers. 
The solution introduced a restructured scheme alongside the existing arrangement whereby members accepted some reduction in future benefit increases but with Tata Steel retaining an ongoing legal obligation to fund it if it falls into deficit. The new plan was granted a 33% stake in Tata Steel UK as additional security.
Those wishing to remain with the existing plan entered the Pension Protection Fund. 
  • ​Chair of trustees at British Steel Pension Scheme
  • Instrumental in designing new pensions model at British Steel

Per Klitgård​

Per Klitgård serves as the chief executive officer at Danica Pension, where he has been a member of the executive board since October 2011. Klitgard joined the Danica from SEB Pension, where he was managing director from 2004.
At the end of 2016, Klitgård led the introduction of Danica’s One Step Ahead programme, which is centred on three key customer-focused principles: 
  1. A customer in Danica should never have to worry about having the right pension arrangement to suit their needs
  2. Proactive and relevant advice is core in building financial confidence, with Danica encouraging its members to adjust their pension based on clear recommendations
  3. Danica will proactively monitor and consult with its members at all times to ensure they capture and optimise their pension with respect to any changes in their circumstances. 
  • ​Current CEO of Danica Pension
  • Designed interactive One Step Ahead pensions progamme at Danica

Edwin Meysmans

Edwin Meysmans was managing director at Belgium’s Pensioenfonds KBC until July 2017, a post he held for some 20 years. He joined the financial group’s pension fund when KBC was still Kredietbank, having previously worked for the bank’s legal department and then its credit department. During those two decades the scheme grew from €500m to €2bn. 
Meysmans has been an active member of the Belgian pension fund association – now known as PensioPlus – throughout his career, as a member of its board, its management committee. He relinquished his long-held role as vice president at the association when he leaves KBC.
He remains an independent trustee of the Euroclear Pension Fund and the Willis Towers Watson Lifesight OFP, and is actively working as an independent trustee and chair of a new pan-European pension fund structure, Pensions OFP, which was approved by the Belgian regulator in February 2017. This is a pension fund set up in Belgium to operate as a pan-European defined contribution plan, first in Denmark before being extended to other European countries. 
  • ​Former managing director of Pensioenfonds KBC
  • Independent trustee and member of Belgian pensions association