IPE Focus on Biodiversity 2023

Understanding Biodiversity Data and Disclosure

While the climate emergency gets the lion’s share of investor attention, the separate, yet related risk of biodiversity loss is arguably a more urgent issue.  With more than half of global GDP dependent on the goods and services provided by nature, many institutional investors are seeking to integrate biodiversity into their investment strategies, policy decisions and stewardship activities.  While we are in the relatively early days of understanding investors’ role in protecting biodiversity, there is much to be learned and shared.

Coming on the heels of COP15 this past December, IPE holds a series of virtual seminars exploring the relationships between investment and biodiversity, and the linkages of nature, capital and profits with investor actions.

In this seminar, we will focus at first on data and disclosure with regard to biodiversity, as this practical area will be one where investors are likely to have the most questions.

Featuring keynote presentations, case studies and panel discussions, the programme is designed to shine a light on biodiversity from the ground up, demonstrating the how, why and where for investors. The who is all of us. The when is right now.

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