The IPE Conference comprises in-depth and highly topical debate sessions, featuring inspiring keynotes and practical panels.  With typically 300 top executives from pension providers in attendance, the event brings together influential decision-makers from across Europe.

(Timings to be confirmed and sessions are subject to change)

Wednesday, 30 November

IPE Quest Boardroom Summit (invitation only)
IPE Welcome Drinks

Thursday, 1 December

Registration, Networking and Coffee

Morning Forums

Pensions Scholarship Trust Young Academics’ Showcase
Around Europe: What's Going on in Pensions?
Resilience of the Global Pension Risk Transfer Market

The global trend of transferring pension and longevity risk continues to grow exponentially, with more than $620bn in transactions completed since 2007 in the US, UK and Canada alone. Companies have continued de-risking pension plans through an era of great uncertainty and recently at the most attractive prices witnessed in years. For many firms, transferring pension and longevity risk is a material part of their transformation to navigate away from risk. The arrival of funded reinsurance is supporting continued growth in the UK buy-in and buy-out market, as insurers are seeking reinsurance partners with capital and asset management expertise. Across the globe, funded status volatility is driving de-risking activity and, with funded status reaching its highest level in 15 years, companies worldwide are likely to continue transferring pension risk in high volumes, aided in-part by new research into long-term impacts on mortality and longevity due to COVID-19 endemicity.
Prudential Financial, Inc. (PFI)
By invitation only

Recalibration of Asset Allocation in the Era of High Inflation  

Plenary Conference Sessions

Welcome from the Netherlands
Opening keynote
Keynote address
Keynote and panel: Strategic investor response to global challenges

Monica Defend - Head of the Amundi Institute, Amundi
Michael Howell - CEO and Founder, Cross Border Capital
Timo Löyttyniemi - CEO - The State Pension Fund of Finland
Hans Stoter - Head of AXA Investment Managers Core

Sponsored Workshops Track 1

Expanding Net Zero Strategies

Going beyond decarbonisation to explore the full range of strategies available to net zero-conscious investors, including forward looking company transition pathways and company physical risk exposure.
S&P Dow Jones Indices

Alternative Investments – Seeing and Thinking Differently

Alternative Investments cover a vast variety of asset types: private equity, venture capital, infrastructure, loans to name a few. A common denominator is their focus on positively impacting the economic development of target companies and projects as well as the entrepreneurship at the heart of these investments. Being committed to alternative investments means being committed to innovation and change by finding ways to bring together opportunities and investors. In this workshop, Universal Investment focuses on how to develop and implement solutions for private markets products and how to use these as a gateway into European markets. Committed to creative solutions that work.
Universal Investment

Lunch and Networking

Afternoon Forums

Forum A: Pension Funds and the Energy Transition
Forum B: Time to Rethink Emerging Markets Investment?
Forum C: Technology Frontiers, Innovation & Digital Assets

Sponsored Workshops Track 2

Investing for a World Worth Living in: Seeking Long-term Financial Returns While Embedding a Positive and Measurable Impact on Society

Pension schemes are increasingly integrating sustainability principles into their investment goals to align with select UN SDGs and deliver verifiable positive impact. The concept of impact investing, originally rooted in venture capital and private equity, has steadily evolved to include the rapidly growing green bonds market. Now, the appetite for this investment approach has moved still further into the mainstream, sparking lively debate in the asset management industry around how genuine impact can be achieved through publicly listed equities and corporate bonds. It is a compelling goal, and one which raises some intriguing questions:

How can we prove that an asset has contributed to an SDG in the way it promised? What are the practical considerations when building an investment strategy with this dual ambition of financial and sustainability performance? How can schemes address and overcome the challenges as they seek to drive progress for people and the planet? In this workshop, AXA Investment Management will present concrete investment opportunities with potentially impactful outcomes across equities and fixed income. They will also explore how institutional investors can implement and monitor their allocations to these sustainable development instruments.
AXA Investment Managers

Impact Investing in Private Equity – Trends, Best Practice and Case Examples

Impact investing is a growing and important concept. Growth is especially pronounced in private markets, particular private equity. Investors are increasing impact allocations and investments with the goal of achieving positive environmental and social outcomes. In this context, impact measurement is an integral part of assessments – including a strong commitment to industry standards for impact management and balanced reporting. In this workshop, LGT Capital Partners will highlight themes, areas, and best practices of Impact Investing and discuss tools and processes as well as concrete portfolio examples to explain impact measurement and outcomes.

Coffee & Networking Break

Plenary Conference Sessions

What’s up with ESG?
Corporate Governance
Keynote address
Where Next for Stakeholder Capitalism?

Awards Dinner & Ceremony 

IPE European Pension Fund Awards Networking Drinks 
IPE European Pension Fund Awards Dinner & Ceremony

Friday, 2 December

Breakfast and Hosted Round Table (invitation only)