Keynote speaker 

Marc Francke
Professor Real Estate Valuation
| University of Amsterdam 

Marc Francke is Professor of Real Estate Valuation at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Business School, which he joined in 2009. He is additionally Research Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate’s Price Dynamics Platform and International Fellow of the Weimer School of the Homer Hoyt Institute. Apart from his university position, Francke is Head of Real Estate Research at Ortec Finance. Prior to his position at the University of Amsterdam, Francke held positions with the Vrije University Amsterdam and the Local Tax Authority Office Amsterdam. Francke holds a PhD in econometrics from the Vrije University Amsterdam. His research interests lie in real estate finance, housing, commercial real estate, residential and commercial real estate price dynamics, automated valuation models, Bayesian econometrics and times series analysis.
Marc Francke