Keynote speaker 

Alexis Crow
Lead, Geopolitical Investing practice
| PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC 

Alexis Crow is Global Head of PwC’s Geopolitical Investing practice. Crow joined PwC four years ago with the mandate of establishing the geopolitical practice, where she advises corporations and large institutional investors on their capital allocation and investing decisions around the world. In addition to her client C-suite presentations, she is responsible for providing insight through monthly publications, TV, radio and print media, and in industry speaking engagements around the world on the global macroeconomic environment, the geopolitical landscape, and asset allocation and long-term investing. With a background in geopolitics and economics, she previously taught at the London School of Economics, and led a major policy research project at London-based think tank Chatham House on managing risk across cultural boundaries. She then joined a spin-off of Guggenheim Partners in New York, investing in media and real assets around the world. Crow is a Senior Fellow at the Columbia Business School and a Senior Fellow in the Global Business and Economics Programme at the Atlantic Council. She also serves on the Board of Great Decisions in Foreign Policy, a venture between PBS and Foreign Policy Association. Crow holds an MA, an MSc and a PhD from the London School of Economics.
Alexis Crow