Marie Lam-Frendo
Chief Executive Officer, Global Infrastructure Hub

Marie Lam-Frendo is Chief Executive Officer at Global Infrastructure Hub. She has worked for various engineering consulting firms, with technical and commercial positions focused on energy and transport projects in Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Lam-Frendo previously worked for European utilities providers Essent and RWE where she drove their business development activities in the Africa and Central Asia region for various commodities, including their equity investment in LNG and hydro power plants. She headed the Infrastructure Initiatives department of the World Economic Forum (WEF), where she led their thought leadership activities, publishing reports on best practices in the infrastructure sector. She led the dissemination effort of these best practices to governments and advocated to coalitions such as the B20 and the G20. Lam-Frendo was the Head of Asia-Pacific for Acuity, the advisory services business of the SNCL group, helping clients with infrastructure project strategy and finance.

Marie Lam-Frendo