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Al Gore
Generation Investment Management

Mary Robinson
Former President Of Ireland And Former United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights

John Coates
Neuroscientist And Former Wall St Trader
Dewline Research

Daniel Ben-Ami
Deputy Editor
IPE Investment & Pensions Europe

Elisabeth Bourqui
Head Of Pensions/CIO
ABB Group

Jared Carney
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Lightdale LLC

Carsten G. Eckert
Managing Director

Mr Hugh Grover
Former Chief Executive Officer
London CIV

Liam Kennedy
Editorial Director
IPE International Publishers

Stefan Lundbergh
Cardano Insights

Joseph Mariathasan
Contributing Editor

Susan Martin
Chief Executive Officer
LPP - Local Pensions Partnership

Joseph McDonnell
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley

Giuseppe Di Mino
Managing Director
Amber Capital UK

Mats Langensjö
Founder And Senior Advisor
M. Langensjö & Company AB

Vincent Mortier
Group Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Amundi Asset Management

Friedrich Mostböck
Head of Group Research
Erste Group Bank

Csaba Nagy
Managing Director
OTP Pension Fund

Amin Rajan
Chief Executive Officer

Onno Steenbeek
Managing Director Strategic Portfolio Advice
APG Asset Management

Tim Umberger
Senior Advisor
East Capital

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox