Welcome to the FTSE Russell 
Investor Workshop 2017 

Friday, 29 November  09h55 - 10h45

Smart Beta Meets Smart Sustainability – the Next Generation of Product Solutions

The FTSE Russell Investor Workshop 2017 will focus on the following: 
  • Sustainable Investment, why such strong demand?
  • The challenges created for investors by industrial change through time and understanding of macro drivers;
  • Regulation and its growing impact on sustainable investment;
  • Understanding the models, such as ESG, carbon, green products and what we can measure, what we can model and ultimately what it tells us;
  • ​The quality of sustainable data and understanding and managing the issues;
  • Combining smart beta with smart sustainability to manage climate risk with a case study based on the HSBC UK DC Pension Scheme;
  • The philosophy of smart sustainability and its framework and product opportunities across all asset classes and product types.


David Harris, Group Head, Sustainable Business, London Stock Exchange Group & Director of ESG, FTSE Russell
David Harris is responsible for sustainability and green finance integration into services across London Stock Exchange Group. He is also ESG Director at FTSE Russell, responsible for FTSE4Good, FTSE Environmental Markets and ESG Ratings. ‎  
Harris has held industry positions, including vice-chair of UKSIF, serving on Advisory Committees for the PRI and EuroSIF, City of London’s Green Finance Initiative and last year chaired the UN Sustainable Stock Exchange's Working Group developing Model ESG Reporting Guidance. He is also a member of the new European Commission High Level Expert Group on sustainable Finance and has worked in sustainable investment for over 15 years.  His career started with ADL’s Environment & Risk Practice before joining PwC's climate change consulting business
Please note only relevant delegates may register for this workshop