Welcome to the Fidelity International
Investor Workshop 2017

Thursday, 28 November  14h20 - 15h10

Intermediate Asset Allocation and the Path to Normal

With an increased need for solutions, tailored to client’s specific needs for intermediate asset allocation, there are
a number of challenges that needs to be addressed for a successful implementation. A global asset manager
may provide insight and experience on the appropriate intermediate allocation and the path to normal.
The Fidelity International workshop will focus on these challenges, what can be done
to mitigate the risks and ensure a smooth transition in the long-term


David Buckle, Head of Investment Solutions Design
David Buckle joined Fidelity in 2012 as Head of Quantitative Research, and became Head of Investment Solutions Design in 2016.  His team is responsible for strategic investment guidance including bespoke client solution design. Buckle has extensive industry experience of over 20 years as a fund manager and researcher in fixed income, foreign exchange, and multi asset.

Following a PhD in mathematics focusing on portfolio construction he has worked at a number of blue chip asset management companies including JPMorgan, Putnam, Merrill Lynch/BlackRock, and UBS, as well as having run a boutique overlay company.

He is also Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Quantitative Investment Research. 
Please note only relevant delegates may register for this workshop