Hans Stoter
Global Head of AXA IM Core, AXA Investment Managers   

Hans Stoter is Global Head of AXA IM Core at AXA Investment Managers. He started his career at Nomura Bank and Philips Electronics, before joining ING Investment Management in 1998 as portfolio manager investment grade credits. He has held various portfolio manager, team manager and team oversight positions in a broad range of fixed income asset classes. Stoter was appointed Deputy Chief Investment Officer in 2011 and in 2013 Chief Investment Officer and Board member of ING Investment Management (later re-branded to NN Investment Partners). Stoter joined AXA IM in June 2018 as Global Head of Fixed Income & (interim) Global Head of Multi Asset Client Solutions. He was promoted to Global Head of Core Investments in January 2019. He has been appointed Global Head of AXA IM Core in April 2020, which combines the Fixed Income, Multi-Asset, Framlington Equities and Rosenberg investment activities, as well as Client Group Core, into one strategic business unit. Stoter holds master’s degrees in Business Economics and Financial Analysis, both from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.  
Hans Stoter